CONFRONTING THE CLIMATE (2016) is a flowchart released through a crowdsourced funding and political education campaign.

This image was produced over the course of two years, in collaboration with hundreds of organizers, activists and artists who were part of the effort to create 2014's historical People's Climate March. It depicts a story of today's climate movement through the lens of that one historic day. As a result of the successful crowdsource launch, I am now in the process of  printing and distributing 5,000 folded copies of Confronting The Climate. I'm working with teachers, organizers and concerned folks across the USA and the World to distribute it and put it to use as an organizing tool.  

You can  order your own copy of the posterthrough the Justseeds Artists Collective, or  download an educational zine explaining this project featuring the thoughts of educators across the US and Canada about how to educate and organize using this image.  

Below learn more about the image (yes, this is a diagram I made about how to read the diagram I made), and check out the promotional video from the Kickstarter made by the fantastic Lily Frances Henderson.