Hi! Welcome to my website! This site aims to articulate the things that I have done, in case you are trying to imagine what else you might want to collaborate with me on.  Here's so more about me that might be relevant to know!

I'm a freelance visual artist and cultural organizer, with formal training and work experience as a an artist, educator and community organizer.  I'm honored to work amidst and along side movements and campaigns for racial, economic and climate justice in the U.S.: fabricating art for street mobilizations, drawing out diagrams of our complex world, and collaborating with organizers and communities to strategically catalyze the power of art.  

I am born and raised in NYC, and both sides of my family are Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe who assimilated in to whiteness upon emigrating to the U.S three or four generations ago.  I see myself as living forward the dreams of many generations of queer, Jewish women activists and artists who have lived and worked in my home city before me.  A lot of my political grounding and framing for my work comes from Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, an organization founded by some of these chosen ancestors and elders, who plucked me out of the Occupy movement in 2011 and trained me up in to a lifetime of creative and political work.

A good chunk of my work has happened as part of movements for climate justice and against climate chaos.  I am deeply shaped by the struggles and community of the US climate movement, and particularly by 5 years of work with the Peoples Climate March

On this site you can see some of the amazing projects I've gotten to help with.  I do my imperfect best on this site to lift up all the many other people whose work is intertwined with mine, but please feel free to reach out if you think I can do better! 

My work sits at the edge of illustration, prop fabrication, facilitation, mediation, curriculum design, participatory art creation. As a freelancer, I'm always looking for new gigs and collaborators- if you've got a project in mind that you think I might be helpful with, drop a line!


contact: schragis.rachel@gmail.com