Rachel is a visual artist and cultural organizer born and raised in NYC.  Rachel is honored to work amidst a variety of movements for climate, economic and racial justice, bringing participatory creativity to the streets, classrooms, art and community spaces.  This website aims to articulate the things that Rachel has done in case you are trying to imagine what else you might want to collaborate with her on.

As a 4th generation Ashkenazi Jew living in New York City,  Rachel sees herself as living forward the dreams of many generations of radical leftist jews.  As a white organizer in the interlocking struggles against racial, economic and environmental injustice, Rachel aspires to be an accomplice in the dismantling of white supremacy.

 Rachel swoons for bright colors, is a lifelong student of flow-chart making, and likes zinnias more than anything else on earth.  

Rachel is an experienced facilitator, mediator, community arts convener, curriculum designer, and fabricator of banners and other street action props, always looking for gigs and new collaborators- if you've got a project, drop a line!


contact: schragis.rachel@gmail.com