ONE QUESTION (2012-present) is art powered by participation.  This 90 foot long, 6 inch high scroll depicts scenes of injustice and resistance to the climate crisis, each miniature scene recreating a real-world instance that happened in the USA and Canada between 1992-2012, but in abstracted enough terms that they suggest a vast number of other scenarios past and future: floods, gas leaks, health crisis, militizarization, droughts, mass protest, civil disobedience, community education, rebuilding post-disaster.

There are three identical copies of the scroll. They travel between with an ever-growing roster of activists, performers and educators, who facilitate the scroll as a point of connection to the larger movements for justice that we are part of.

One Question has been performed in arts festivals, theaters, classrooms, street actions,  organizing trainings, and more.  It has travelled with the SustainUS delegation to UN climate talks in Paris, Marrakesh, and Bonn. It has been featured on organizing tours by the Beehive Design Collective, SeaChange, the People's Climate Tour, and as part of the book launch of When We Fight We Win: Twenty-first Center Social Movements and the Activists that are Transforming Our World.  It has been presented at the Allied Media conference, the US social Forum, Gabfestry artist/activist convening, the US Department of Arts and Culture's Culture/Shift conference, Bread and Puppet Theater's Radical Cheese gathering, and many other venues! 

Below are a number of examples of One Question in action.  This piece is available to be shipped at-cost to any location where its performance is useful, accompanied by training materials in how to facilitate the piece--- it's not hard! Please do be in touch at

Performance at Gabfestry artist/activist convening in Machias, Maine, 2013.

Rehearsal and street deployment at "Draw the Line"  national day of action against the Keystone XL pipeline.



And here's a sample of some of the many performances of this piece: