In 2014 and 2017, I had the honor of coordinating art for the People's Climate March: first in New York City, and then in Washington DC. Few things I've done have been more full or learning or challenges.  These massive creative expressions of dissent were produced collaboratively by thousands of organizers, cultural workers, community groups, activists and marchers-- including some of the most brilliant and dedicated artists I have yet to work with.

It would neither be accurate to claim this as my own creative project on my website, nor to name it's impact in shaping my creative and political life.  And so, here are my two favorite videos documenting this project: one from each year.  

 Top: "Into The Streets", Meerkat Media Collective 2014

Botton: "Best of PCM 2017 Arts", Produced by Desiree Kane, filmed & edited by Yash Mori

My contributions to the efforts are most concisely summed up at 00:53 of the first video.