End the Debt! Decolonize! Liberate Movement Unity Scroll is a participatory cultural response to Hurricane Maria that tells the story of U.S. imperialism through the lens of the current economic and environmental state of Puerto Rico and its diaspora. The piece was developed between AgitArte and collaborators in the US and Puerto Rico, and is part of the arts and culture tour of the recently released book, When We Fight, We Win!: Twenty-First Century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World.

I worked on a core team for this project with Jorge Diaz Ortiz, Estefania Rivera, Emily Simons and Dey Hernández, with additional support and participation from Crystal Clarity, Osvaldo Budet, José Hernández and  Saulo Colón. Here are some amazing videos Osvaldo made to tell the story of the project! (Parts 2 and 3 coming soon!) 


This work is ongoing, and the most compelling thing I've worked on in years. I want to invite you to join me in supporting Agitarte on the occasion of this project:

Here are two ways!

1) DONATE DIRECTLY  TO AGITARTE! Agitate just completed a fundraiser that will support their ongoing cultural and relief work in Puerto Rico, and this is still the best way to support them!

2) BUY SUPPLIES TO SEND TO CASA TALLER: Here is an Amazon Wish List for Casa Taller Cangrejera--the house where we began making the scroll.  Some of these gifts will be used by our team and then left behind (to, for example, charge our own cell phones off-grid...since the power is back on but limited). Others will be distributed directly to neighbors.