I spent the month of January in Puerto Rico to support my colleagues from AgitArte, a political puppetry troupe who I have been collaborating with in various ways for 6 years,  work together is making a new project inspired by One Question Unity Scroll, which is a I made in 2012 and have been performing periodically every since.  

This new scroll will tell a story of the history of US colonial relationship to Puerto Rico, the impacts of the storm on this long story, and the ways Puerto Ricans are resisting and decolonizing with their hands. Here's a video of our work in progress!


This work is ongoing, and the most compelling thing I've worked on in years. I want to invite you to join me in supporting Agitarte on the occasion of this project:

Here are two ways!

1) DONATE DIRECTLY  TO AGITARTE! Agitate just completed a fundraiser that will support their ongoing cultural and relief work in Puerto Rico, and this is still the best way to support them!

2) BUY SUPPLIES TO SEND TO CASA TALLER: Here is an Amazon Wish List for Casa Taller Cangrejera--the house where we began making the scroll.  Some of these gifts will be used by our team and then left behind (to, for example, charge our own cell phones off-grid...since the power is back on but limited). Others will be distributed directly to neighbors.