Vent_Diagrams is a place to hold contradiction in complex times, assembled by artist Rachel Schragis & educator E.M. Eisen-Markowitz, two queer white jews in Brooklyn.

A few years ago, E.M. visited Rachel’s studio, saw the venn diagrams she was drawing, and started making her own. Elana came up with the name "VENT diagrams" to describe the way they both use this form to draw out seemingly conflicting truths.

Venting is cathartic, but we think it can be more than that, too. We are living in fractured and divisive times, times handed to us by a long legacy of violence, oppression and wastefulness.

Why be paralyzed by complexity in our difficult and beautiful world? We all need to get better at recognizing contradictions and moving forward from the intersections and overlaps. We need new windows for unity and power--and while a Vent might not be quite a window, it's a trickle of fresh air

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